Latest Famitsu Scores - Crisis Core: FF VII, Fushigi no Dungeon 2 do well

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A small batch of new game scores this week, but three games over the 30 points mark, including one very significant title. That title is none other than Crisis Core, the long-awaited action RPG spinoff of Final Fantasy VII for PSP. It looks like Square Enix pulled it off - if you trust Famitsu's reviewers, that is. The game got three 9s and one 8, making for a total of 35/40. Not too shabby.

The latest Rogue-style Pocket Monsters title from Chunsoft was also awarded a 35/40. For reference, 2005's Mystery Dungeon games received the same total score. The third title to score over 30 is EA's Wii version of SSX (their snowboarding franchise), which is just now making its way to Japan after being released in North America back in February.

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